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Legendary Moment #1

The Men's Olympic Hockey Team - Miracle On Ice

February 22, 1980

Just weeks after getting crushed by the Soviet Union 10-3, the U.S. Olympic team came back from a 3-2 deficit and defeated the defending champs 4-3.


Legendary Moment #2

Jackie Robinson Breaks the Barrier

April 15, 1947

Jackie Robinson became the first African American to play in the major leagues when he debuted for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.


Legendary Moment #3

LeBron and the Cavs Break the City's 52-Year Drought

June 19, 2016

The Cavs won their first championship in franchise history, ending a nearly 52-year pro sports championship drought for Cleveland. James was named the Finals MVP, becoming the fifth player in NBA history to earn the award three times or more.


Legendary Moment #4

Wild Thing Strikes that Mother****** Out!

October, 1989

Major League's Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn faces Clu Haywood in the ALCS. Following the advice from teammate Roger Dorn, Vaughn punishes Haywood with three straight heaters.


Legendary Moment #5

The Packers & Cowboys play the 1967 "Ice Bowl"

December 31, 1967

The #Legendary "Ice Bowl" was played at a game-time temperature of -15 deg F, with an average wind chill of around -48 deg F in the 1967 #NFL Championship Game! If the Packers and Cowboys can play at these temperatures, we can serve delicious food and drinks too, so stop on out!


Legendary Moment #6

Evel Knievel jumps 14 Greyhound buses. His longest jump ever.

October 25, 1975

American stuntman Evel Knievel, born Robert Craig Knievel, achieved his personal best in distance after jumping 14 Greyhound buses on this day in 1975 at Kings Island, near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.


Legendary Moment #7

One Of The Most Brutal Heavyweight Fights in History

October 1, 1975

Often regarded as the most brutal heavyweight fights of all time, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier faced off for the third time in their careers. Ali won the series 2-1 by TKO after the 14th round.


Legendary Moment #8

Chevy introduces the legendary Chevelle

September 26, 1963

Introduced on the 26th of September 1963, the Chevelle had a short run: 1964-1977. This model was available in many different varieties - including everything from 2-door sports coupes to 4-door wagons.


Legendary Moment #9

Joe Thomas sets an NFL record 10,363 straight snaps

October 22, 2017

Thomas never missed a snap before tearing his left triceps during an Oct. 22 game against Tennessee. His streak of 10,363 consecutive plays is believed to be the longest run in pro football history.


Legendary Moment #10

Ford unveils the T-Bird to the general public

February 20, 1954

The Thunderbird entered production for the 1955 model year as a sporty two-seat convertible. Unlike the Chevrolet Corvette, it was not marketed as a sports car. Ford positioned the Thunderbird as an upscale model.


Legendary Moment #11

Cleveland Indians beat boston braves in 1948 World Series

October 11, 1948

Indians beat the Braves 4-3 in Game 6 of the '48 World Series. Game 4 set a single game attendance record, packing 81,897 into Cleveland Stadium. Game 5 broke that record with 86,288 fans attending the game.


Legendary Moment #12

Browns beat Colts 27-0 in NFL Championship

November 16, 1961

The Baltimore Colts, lead by the great Johnny Unitas, were shut down by the Cleveland Browns 27-0 to capture the 1964 NFL Championship.


Legendary Moment #13

First harley-davidson goes into production

January, 1903

William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson make available to the public the first production Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The bike was built to be a racer, with a 3-1/8" bore and 3-1/2" stroke. The factory which they worked was a 10x15 ft. wooden shed with "Harley-Davidson Motor Company" on the door.


Legendary Moment #14

The Mighty Ducks won the state cmapionship on a penalty shot

October 2, 1992

27 years ago, The Might Ducks, led by hotshot lawyer Gordon Bombay, won the state championship when Charlie Conway scored using the triple-deke on a penalty shot. The greatest worst-to-first story of a generation!


Legendary Moment #15

Kosar and Browns Crush The Steelers 51-0

Sept 11, 1989

Bernie Kosar and the Browns' offense scored 3 touchdowns while the Browns' defense forced 8 turnovers and sacked Bubby Brister five times. This was the worst loss in the Pittsburgh Steelers 58-Year team history.


Legendary Moment #16

Feller throws 1st no hitter against White sox

April 16, 1940

During his career, Bob Feller threw no-hitters in 1940, 1946, and 1951. He helped the Indians win a World Series title in 1948 and an American League-record 111 wins and the pennant in 1954.


Legendary Moment #17

The Shot Heard Around the World

October 1951

The Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants faced off in a three-game playoff to decide the NL pennant. In the ninth inning of Game 3, with the Giants down 4-2, Bobby Thomson was up to bat. Thomson was able to hit a three-run homerun, which won the game, series, and pennant for the Giants.


Legendary Moment #18

Babe Ruth Calls His Shot

October 1, 1932

During the fifth inning of Game 3 in the 1932 World Series at Wrigley Field, Babe Ruth made a pointing gesture to the center-field bleachers during the at-bat. It was allegedly a declaration that he would hit a home run to this part of the park. On the next pitch, Ruth hit a home run to center fie


Legendary Moment #19

Thome Hits the Longest Home Run at the Jake, ever.

July 3, 1999

Thome's blast off Kansas City's Don Wengert traveled out of the park, 511 feet to dead center field. The baseball bounced onto Eagle Ave. It is still regarded as the longest drive in ballpark history.


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